What Others Are Saying About Lisa

Lisa always shows up and stands up! I like the way she is so involved in our community. She listens, she thinks, she responds and she helps!

John moroni

Lisa does far more for our community than just “talk the talk”! She is the hardest working City Councilperson I know and “walks the walk” every time there is an opportunity to lead by example. I encourage you to vote for Lisa Jacobson.

The Late Robin Turner

I can’t think of a more passionate representative for us than Lisa. She truly puts her words into actions and strives to do her best for the citizens she represents.

Deb gudgell

Lisa Jacobson you have my vote! I have seen you in action not only as a City Council member, but as a concerned and active member of this community. It doesn’t matter what if you are involved you have always given all you had to the cause or project. Your leadership from Girl Scouts to city council member continues to impress me. VOTE for Lisa!

karla kitoski

Lisa has demonstrated her commitment to our city in countless ways over many years, and always advocates, with an eye towards the big picture. I have served on committees with Lisa through community service organizations including Brooklyn Park Rotary, and she has a work ethic which is second to none. If she is on your side, you know things are going to get done, and get done right.  I have seen her step in to fill the shoes of people who had a last-minute illness at a major event, and she handled it like the pro that she is. Now more than ever, I believe we need an experienced voice looking out for all us on the city council. She will continue to do a great job.

Ann uhde

Lisa is a friend. But first and foremost she is an advocate for everyone not only in her district but for all in Brooklyn Park. And she’s a passionate person full of integrity. Hard to find that these days.

Mary Hurlbert

Lisa is a natural born leader who is completely involved in the community. She is a solution seeker who is actively engaged with constituents and their needs.

Senator John hoffman

Lisa does not live life for herself, but for the community. Her deeds to this community for the past many years have already given her a legacy that can never be forgotten.

Keafon Lainjo

Lisa’s resume speaks for itself. What I can appreciate is the consistency to fight for what is right and stand up for those who can’t advocate for themselves.

Jamel Mcnutt

She is all about compassion, giving, loving, protecting, improving and serving others.

Dale M. Fagre

She takes a collaborative approach to decision-making and works incredibly hard to make sure all her work is inclusive and meaningful.

Carl Lottman
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